Terminator Resistance
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Terminator Resistance Critical Patch July

Terminator Resistance PlayStation 5 is the latest installment in the popular Terminator video game series. Terminator Resistance is an upcoming first-person shooter video game released by Reef Entertainment and developed by Teyon. It is all about fighting against the Skynet, a race of synthetic cyborg humanoids who have taken over the world after killing most of the humans. You play as one of those resisting the enemy throughout the game.


Terminator Resistance Game

The critical response for the Terminator Resistance is well recieved.

As the player, you play as a human sent from Earth to fight against the Skynet. The player also has to make use of various power ups, skills, and weapons to defeat the Skynet. Apart from the standard run & gun action, the player can also engage in intense combat with the Terminators. You can blast the guards out of the way using a plasma shot, shatter the enemy soldiers into pieces using a wrecking ball, or throw yourself onto a robotic cyst and break it apart using the grappling hook. All these abilities are possible using creative licensing from the Terminator series of movies.


In the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Terminator Resistance; the game can be played in two modes: Terminator mode and the infiltrator mode. In Terminator mode, the player has to survive many waves of enemies sent by the Skynet and make it to the extraction point within the timeframe specified within the game. There are four levels in total, which need to be cleared before moving to the next level.


In the infiltrator mode, you control one of the main characters; in the game as you fight through the game’s many missions. As the main character, you have the freedom to do anything you want. You can also use a machine gun to kill any guards advancing on your location. The character is also able to hack into computer systems in order; to gather information about the Skynet and other resistance groups. Once you have collected all the information you need, you can plan your next move and save the humans in the compound.


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This game is quite challenging, but you must not let that be a negative aspect. If you enjoy playing challenging games then you will love Terminator Resistance PlayStation 5. Just make sure you take your time and learn each and every secret power-up as you go. Also, be sure to upgrade your shields and weapons as you play so that you can be ready for any machine sentries you may encounter while on the field. And of course, always be careful with the enemies as they can attack in all directions and even at short range.