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The Falconeer

In this The Falconeer Review we’ll take a look at how The Falconeer combines an element of action with puzzle and adventure in a single player game for the PC. The story follows a plumber who lives in a big house with three teenage boys. The only problem is that the boys are often very far away from him; and he has to use his skills to go find them and bring back gifts that were put there with the help of his friend and assistant. If you ever wanted to get into the video game world; but didn’t quite know where to start; then The Falconeer could be just the game for you!


The Falconeer

I’ll admit; I was hesitant about making a positive The Falconeer review; mainly because I really don’t like action games and I wasn’t sure if it would translate well on PC. So; I downloaded the trial and I found it a little bit intriguing. There are several different mystery stories that unfold as you play through the game; giving the player choices regarding what to do next. For example; you can choose to search for clues or use a computer to try and find out who is causing all the trouble in your home. The puzzles are also varied and challenging; so that even those who aren’t that good at adventure games should have no problem getting past the first couple of levels.

What I did enjoy about The Falconeer was how it kept me entertained. The book isn’t really exciting by nature; but there’s enough tension between the various characters to keep you interested. By the end of the book; I wanted to know who was going to win the big game. I got a real kick out of reading all about the people that were involved with the mystery – their back stories; the clues and items they have; and why they were trying to get the books. The final scene left me wanting more!

In terms of the video game aspect of the game; I think that BioWare has done a great job. The avatar gets to be interactive and respond to situations in a very believable way. The graphics are clear and picture worthy; and the overall look and feel of the game are very nice. The story line drags at you a little; but when it’s finally over; it’s satisfying. The ending also ties up nicely; making it an interesting and intense game to finish.


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The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

In conclusion; I have to say that I enjoyed The Falconeer Review a lot. It is a very well written book; that covers some real ground and offers an excellent interactive experience. My favorite scenes are when Haine and his companions discover the location of the treasure and get into trouble. It’s great to see all of Haine’s friends from his past come back to visit; and I love the way BioWare has mixed the characters and plot together into a cohesive whole.

If you like reading books that tell you about video games; then The Falconeer Review is not for you. But if you happen to be one of the people who play games like The Legend of Zelda a lot; or like to find out what happened after you’ve finished playing the game; then I highly recommend this book. It’s an engrossing; enjoyable read; that will make you want to read more. For a game tester who doesn’t get too much time to play a game; this book will give you so much information about a game that you’ll remember it for years to come.