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The Medium

The Medium game is an interactive horror video game designed and developed by Bloober Group. It was initially released for Microsoft Windows & Xbox Series X & S on January 28th; 2021 and later released for PlayStation 5 on September 10th; 2021. This game has received positive reviews from most gamers and has been ranked as one of the best horror games of its type on the market.


The Medium

The story begins in a dark basement apartment. You are The Medium who has been invited by an entity named Dagon to visit his house. In order for you to reach the top of the building you have to solve a series of puzzles and survive the many monsters that will attack you throughout your journey. The PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game feature the same puzzles as the PC version but with a few differences such as the Xbox version having a few more puzzle endings than the PC version.

The story begins when you find yourself in the basement apartment. As you enter the room you notice a note stuck to the wall which has been written in invisible ink. The note informs you that “There is a man confined to the bottom floor but there is hope. The medium has the ability to see the future and use her psychic powers to break into his cell and reveal a message hidden inside”. The Medium begins to work after reading the message and finds himself on the seventh floor searching for the man confined to the bottom floor.

The Medium eventually reaches the man in his cell on the seventh floor and is confronted by a pack of zombies and two monsters who easily defeat the medium with ease.  The Female Vampire traps the spirit of the dead man in a ring made out of magic. The spirit however manages to escape from the ring and the Medium breaks free from the imprisonment only to find that he has been transformed into a monster-like menace.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

As he fights his way through the ruined house and its many puzzles; The Medium eventually arrives in the spirit world where he meets Niwa. She assists him in fighting the monsters but in the end only causes more damage with her own attacks. The Medium finally retrieves Niwa’s pendant which contains the memories of his previous life which has allowed him to regenerate. In order to help her remember her own past lives; he transforms her into a fairy so she can travel between the two worlds.

The entire game is set in a rural countryside and follows the story of a boy called Marco Polo and his quest to save the princess called Niwa. The girl is captured by the pirates but the boy manages to rescue her. The Medium uses his skills in order to break the curse placed upon Niwa and the two manage to escape from the castle. The story then moves on as Marco Polo helps Niwa remember her own past while the ghost of a princess called Almeda appears and prevents the boy from entering the ghostly world.