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The SkateBIRD

The SkateBIRD Review is a video game that is similar to the popular ice hockey video game series. This game will be familiar to anyone who has ever played any other version of the well-known sport. Skateboarding on the big screen! In this article you will find out exactly what is so great about the new video game; and how it could easily be enjoyed by gamers everywhere.


The SkateBIRD

The SkateBIRD game does not look like any other video game that has been released in recent years; and that is because it actually looks and feels like ice hockey! This is because every aspect of the game has been faithfully converted over to make it work as a video game. That means that you will have the authenticity; the speed; and the skill that you would expect out of a hockey game on your computer monitor.

The game is very enjoyable from a visual standpoint. The graphics are great and really bring the game to life. There are many options available to players; and most of them are customizable. You can even create your own player; and this is a very helpful feature because you can custom design every aspect of the game to your liking!

Another great thing about Skateboarding is that it is a competitive game. That means that you will have an opportunity to take on other human competitors in some form or fashion. The game is single-player; but if you prefer multiplayer you can do that as well. It’s all included in the package.


Bug Patches

The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

You can save the games of Skateboarding in different formats as well. You can save them in a disk; an iPod; or even your hard drive. These are great options; because you can save them to remember your fun times and to share them with others. Many people today love the fact that they can enjoy ice hockey from anywhere they want.

If you love ice hockey; then you will definitely want to download and try out the game. There are several features of this new download that make this version so unique. There are a number of user created videos that you can watch; and there are even several forums on the computer that discuss this interesting game. This is an incredible way to experience the thrill of ice hockey. If you are looking for a computer game that will challenge you and help you learn the skill of competing in this exciting new game; then Skateboarding is just what you need.