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The Spy and The Liar

The Spy and the Liar Review are a video game review of the PC game The Spy: Advent of Solicitous Mind. In my opinion this game is the best one out on the market right now. From what I’ve seen from the trailers and demos; I’m sure you’ll agree. If you are a fan of hidden object puzzle games then The Spy and the Liar Review are for you. It has a few hidden object scenes; but other than that; this game is pure fun.

The story of The Spy and the Liar is about a young girl who stumbles upon a mysterious and diabolical organization called The Lowlat and its quest to control the globe. The Lowlat is made up of three families namely The Char; The Guild and The Triad. They are after a mysterious jewel called The Silpada which belongs to an ancient nobleman called Lord Godalming. However; when they fail to obtain it; they start to quarrel and fight each other in order to get it. You play as one of these three families and you must help them find and reclaim the Silpada jewel before it gets stolen by The Lowlat.

Unlike most hidden object games; this one has excellent audio and visuals. The voiceovers do a great job at making you feel like you’re a part of the action; instead of just reading a text logbook. Graphics are well done and are designed to be both entertaining and appealing to the eye. The character models look quite lifelike and believable; which fits the overall theme of the whole game. The puzzles in the game though are not very hard; but are still fun to complete.

The best thing about The Spy and the Liar is that it’s so engrossing that you’ll find yourself wanting to finish it more than once. There are different paths to take; each offering its own mini-games and secrets to discover. For example; you can choose to solve the mystery by uncovering the locations where all the hidden object scenes are hidden. These mini-games range from easy to moderately challenging; and even if you manage to figure out where they are; there will always be an additional scene nearby to replenish your supply. Some of these scenes also reward you with items and powers for further exploration.

However; if you’re not interested in a bigger game; you can also choose to tackle the story as you go along. There are certain points in the storyline that will unlock new areas and rooms to search for items and hidden object scenes; and unlocking these areas are achieved by finding specific items throughout the game. I must say that some of these hidden object scenes are more time consuming than others; but they always end up being worth it when you find out where the item is. And don’t worry; because I’ve seen this happen over in games where I’ve felt like I was truly missing something; only to find it tucked away somewhere deep within an area. And the game play is never boring or repetitive; as there are plenty of moments of comedy and adventure to keep you entertained.

That’s really the main focus of my The Spy and the Loyster review. The game play is extremely engaging; as each room opens up with a different mission. From time to time I felt a little let down by the story; but it never felt like too much of a chore to me. The game is available on Xbox Live Arcade; and I would advise players to check it out. It is well worth a look if you enjoy hidden object games.