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The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

Audio-based video game; The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is set to release in August for Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms. The game has an engaging storyline with multiple characters; which are a major part of the game revolving around the video game and comes with an extensive playtime of more than five hours. The game is created by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is the second chapter of the ‘Vale;’ an adventure-adventure game for the Microsoft Windows operating system; and is designed for the core gamers who enjoy creating their own stories using the game as a platform.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown tells the tale of a young woman named Ashia; who finds herself caught in the middle of a civil war between her homeland and the cruel King that want to take over her land. When her homeland is destroyed; she vows to exact revenge and find out who is responsible for her mother’s death and use the power of the crown to do it. While she is performing her search; she discovers that she also has become a target of the vicious Varka who seek to destroy her enemies. As the game progresses throughout the game you learn more about the background of the main characters; the story; how you control the various characters and how you battle enemies and other challenges as well.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown has a good mix of action; adventure; romance; magic and adventure. You are allowed to take on one of four main characters which are Dancer; Thief; Mage or Priest and experience the exciting and adventurous game play as you discover more about the history of your chosen character and fight against evil and the many villains that are thrown at you. There are some very tough fights in the game; as you are forced to make use of your magical powers to fight the many enemies that are thrown at you; though there are some easy puzzles to get through as well. The combat system is one of my favorite things about this game. The combat is very fluid and feels very natural and is a joy to experience.

The story is about a young girl named Dancer who is found by a horse thief named Sid. The two seem to be friends and work side by side helping each other out as they rob merchants. When Dancer learns that she is a wizard and the owner of a magical tale; she decides to help her friend Sid in his quest to find her birthmark. However; on their perilous journey to the mystical veil; they are attacked by creatures known as Shades. They must embark on a treacherous journey throughout The Vale to find allies and defeat the enemies. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is a very exciting role-playing game where you decide your path in life.

Along your journey you will discover other interesting characters such as a talking dog and an evil witch. You will also discover the beauty and loveliness of the mysterious veil and its citizens. The voice acting is excellent throughout the entire game; as every character is brought to life by their unique voice actor. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is full of exciting quests; challenging battles; humorous dialogues; and well thought out puzzles that will keep you coming back for more.

Overall; the fans of The Vale: Shadow of the Crown are definitely going to enjoy this quality hidden object adventure. Although it does have a few drawbacks like the sometimes hard to control graphics and occasionally slow game play. However; these things are easily fixed with proper patching. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is easily played in your browser using your current web browser. The visual impairment doesn’t interfere with playing the game; but may be a deal breaker for those who have difficulty navigating text menus on a computer.