Watch Dogs Legion
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Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

Watch Dogs legion game is really a game that lots of people enjoy playing. The game gives you a free hand to do what you need, and your dog can do the same. I’ve always found this feature interesting, since your dog lover myself, I cannot stand when my dog must stay inside a crate quite often. It can be very boring for them.


Watch Dogs Legion

There are five classes in the Watch Dogs Legion, which include the Medic, the Sniper, the Scout, and the Technician. Each class has their own skill tree, which may be improved by spending skill points in it. Each class also offers specialties which provide them with bonuses during battle. Specialties include hacking, and camouflage. These bonuses are really helpful in surviving combat situations, given that they increase your health, stamina, and even provide extra items and weapons.

If you have lots of patience, you will be happy with the fact that the overall game can last up to 40 minutes, without the cut-scenes or loading time. This means that you have more time and energy to explore the map and shoot at the criminals. One thing I have to mention about the game is that it’s very easy to pick up, but very hard to master. You may need a lot of patience and dedication to succeed in this game.

The audio in the game is excellent. The voiceovers do a congrats of expressing the characters and the feelings they have. The character models are very accurate, and each one of these has their very own little quirks. The game also contains great background music, that helps to further emphasize the atmosphere of the overall game. The voice overs are subtle and realistic, making it a nice package of entertainment for dog lovers.

One of the best elements of the game is the weapon crafting system. You start with just a machine gun, and you will buy armor, guns, melee weapons, knives, etc. to customize your experience. Really the only downside to the weapon crafting system is that it takes so long to get everything you want, and to create enough ammo to perform the game. Still, if you’re searching for a great game with plenty of replay value, this one will probably be worth checking out.



The one big feature that separates Watch Dogs from other open world games, is that there is no inventory item clutter. You begin with only a few basic items, and you may find them littered all over the city. As you progress through the game, more items are added, and soon you have quite the collection. It is a nice touch to have an inventory manager, which keeps everything to be able and makes locating the items much easier. However, this feature isn’t very helpful and does nothing to enhance the game play.

One of the best reasons for having the game is how open it really is. Assuming you have experience with open world games, you’ll easily enjoy the seamless transition in one level to another. Unlike some other open world games, where you’ll be forced to undergo a cut scene before moving on to the next level, Watch Dogs enables you to move through the level as you please, without pausing. This is a big selling point for the overall game, because it really can help you get into the game and provides you a great gaming experience.

All things considered, the game is a huge success. There is tons of content, and the overall game play is great. However, should you be expecting the greatest game available right out of your gate, you’ll be disappointed. There are some problems with the overall game design, but overall, Watch Dogs Legion is one of the best games on PlayStation 4.

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