Where the Heart Leads
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Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads Game is an interesting new take on the classic Arthurian myths. Despite a slow start; Where The Heart Leads offers up on its promises to be an all new take on this timeless story. While far from perfect; the tale of Sir Gawain and Lancelot takes on a deeper meaning with each subsequent episode.


Where the Heart Leads

Award winning writer Michael Crichton takes you inside the mind of King Arthur; who rules Britain with his powerful knights. There are scenes in which Lancelot battles a dragon; but the real battle is inside of Lancelot’s mind. This highly interactive game lets players step inside the mind of their favorite characters. For instance; if you played as Sir Gawain during the events of the Arthurian cycle; then you’ll be able to play as Lancelot during the crucial Battle of Roses. You’ll be able to jump right into the action. However; there are a number of features that will detract from this title.

Firstly; the Where the Heart Leads game isn’t very captivating. It drags you out with its heavy story and dull fighting. It lacks the flair of a good first-person shooter. But the reality is that most people don’t like heavy stories anyway; so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

There are also many sections of the game that are poorly implemented. For instance; one scene involving Lancelot and Gawain has them locked in a tower room. The player can’t move near either of them; so it’s basically just walking up and down a hallway. There is a section where Gawain kills Lancelot; but the screen cuts back to Gawain speaking with his father; leaving the player in a cold state of mind. While this portion of the game is boring; it could have been shortened or made more engaging.


Score & Verdict

Finally; the game’s overall score is below average. It lacks the creativity of BioShock or Arma 3. BioShock was revolutionary because it was open world; while Arma 3 showcases the best use of its setting. Where the Heart belongs is forgettable. Graphics are poor; and character designs are awkward. However; this isn’t really much of a problem as you’ll get used to playing the game.

Where the heart belongs is an okay game. It won’t win any awards; but it’s enjoyable to play. Even if you haven’t played any RPG before; you should give it a try. I only advise playing it if you’re at least somewhat familiar with role-playing video games.