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WRC 10

WRC 10; otherwise known as WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship is an exciting racing video game based on the real-life Formula 1 championship. It’s the official video game of the 2021 World Rally Championship and was developed by French firm Kylotonn. It has been out of print since 2021 but it’s about time it got a new release. Out of all the games available only a select few of them are worth your time and money. WRC 10 is definitely one of these and the best part is that it’s not too expensive either. Let’s take a closer look at this addictive game.


WRC 10

The main story line of WRC 10 revolves around the campaign being run during theigning of the landmark 10th edition of the rallying game. The game has you controlling various rally cars and you have to do your best to finish in the top three positions. You can choose between different game modes which include the arcade; multiplayer and challenges. The arcade mode involves a simple challenge where you must complete all the ramps in one time in order to win the challenge. There are many rallies that you can take part in including the rally school; rally course and the rally village.

Apart from the arcade there are other exciting challenges in this version of the video games. In the rally school you can prove yourself better by improving your driving skills. On the other hand you can try the challenges in order to complete them within certain time limits. The best part about these challenges is that you get an opportunity to be behind the wheel of some of the most luxurious rally cars including the Leclero and the Nissan Focus S.

All the vehicles in this version of the WRC 10 have excellent attributes and the drivers will do just fine if they use them properly. The real life driving experience that you get is really good with the help of a professional driving instructor who makes use of the advanced graphics featuring 3D effects. All the cars here are equipped with realistic details including the textures; body parts; tires; windows and other essential parts. The damage model has been improved from the previous version of the game. You can enjoy playing in a more challenging environment as you progress through the ranks of the junior wrc world championship.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

This is one of the most exciting games in the WRC series. The PlayStation 4 version of the game allows you to experience the thrill and adventure of a real racing game. With the help of the detailed Xbox One livery editor you can personalize your car in a unique way. You can choose from a wide variety of paint colors; trim designs; exhausts; wheels and much more. You can even upload your own personal pictures and share them with friends and family for all to see.

There are many ways to make your racing experience even better. You can switch up your helmet; change your course and many other options. If you don’t like the default colors available for racing the downloadable version of this game allows you to customize your car with a wide array of graphics; skins and colors. For those who want to take the ultimate experience to the next level; you can choose to play in the career mode where you will be able to pit your wits against some of the best drivers from around the world.